Turn treasures of the kingdom into treasures of the heart.

Treasures of the Kingdom

Treasures.pngA lifetime of work views the revealed secrets embedded in Matthew 5:3-12, time-tested Beatitudes.  Through more than forty years in the counseling field, Dr. Tom Yarbrough's motivation stayed fixed upon biblical guidelines mixed with behavioral ideas.

In "Treasures of the Kingdom," he suggests nine smaller kingdoms Christ introduced on the Mount for a contemporary journey toward maturity. The author explores the Bible Be-attitudes, showing how each one reveals actions that all Christians can and should adopt. He compares them to stages, or little kingdoms of instruction that need to be behaved before one can understand and experience the next one. Providing this information, Jesus left us a road map on how to live our lives, road signs, and become mature Christians.

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Tree Stand Scribbles

treestand.pngMakes a great short read gift.

Brief humorous sayings written over a lifetime of deer hunting. Nature and wildlife abound in this collection for any hunter to enjoy. 

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Call to Comfort: A Helping Manual for Every Christian

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 As a Christian, non-professional helper, when asked for help, how do you respond?

Some simple guidelines for help.

How to Be Happy With Yourself

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Self-guide book when sadness wants to reign. A practical way to view some happiness.